State of Data in the Music Industry Report - 2021

Data analytics are now integrated into most music workflows, with thousands of professionals grounding their day-to-day and strategic decisions in data-driven insights. Most music companies are constantly exchanging data to keep the digital music industry spinning. Music professionals now have access to dozens of different data tools and dashboards, aggregating millions upon millions of data points. Yet, up to this point, there were no attempts at structuring the data subset of the music business.

When launching our annual State of Data in the Music Industry Report, this was our primary goal: assess the level of data proficiency in the music industry and create a record of exactly how and why music professionals engage with data. To that end, throughout autumn 2021, we ran a survey of music professionals from all over the music business. Today, we’re excited to share the results with the industry — as well as our reflection on the state of music data in 2021.

The State of Data in the Music Industry 2021 is the first installment of our annual report, designed to provide the industry with a comprehensive rundown of the most widespread data tools, goals and practices, and a insight of the most impactful trends in music data that will shape the industry for the years to come.

What were the main goals and challenges for music professionals working with data in 2021? What were the most used music data tools? What are the leading segments for data-related investments across the industry? How the emergence of AI-driven data tech might affect the recording industry?

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