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Music Tomorrow bridges the gap between your music and your audience using cutting-edge SEO strategies tailored for streaming platforms. Discover how our approach can amplify your online visibility and drive more engagement.

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Streamlined SEO solutions empowering over 100+ music labels and artists globally

Make your music more visibible on Spotify

  • Verify your positioning on Spotify

    Leverage detailed artist profiles to discover how Spotify classifies and recommends your music.

  • Train algorithms to work for you

    Inform your strategy by taking consistent actions throughout your release cycle (A&R, distribution, marketing, playlisting) and optimize your discoverability.

  • Assess the impact of your strategic decisions

    Your artist wants to take a new artistic direction? Anticipate the impact on your streaming performances.

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  • Drive strategic decision-making

    Access comprehensive algorithmic data to inform and refine marketing tactics, ensuring maximum impact and ROI.

  • Enhance audience engagement

    Utilize precise demographic and geographic insights to craft personalized marketing strategies that increase discoverability.

  • Optimize your campaign efficiency

    Leverage detailed artist profiles to create highly targeted marketing campaigns that resonate with core audience segments.

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  • Discover your next talents smartly

    Identify rising artists with high potential early in their career.

  • Enhance collaboration and remixes

    Unlock your access to strategic audiences by pinpointing ideal collaborators.

  • Streamline artists development

    Use health checks and audience insights to guide artist growth and optimize their positioning on streaming platforms.

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  • Maximize performances and market shares

    Locate songs in your catalog with the best algorithmic potential to enroll in discovery programs (e.g. Spotify Discovery mode).

  • Streamline your release strategies

    Utilize algorithmic insights to plan and execute release schedules that align with audience activity peaks for maximum exposure.

  • Be one step ahead of competition

    Integrate algorithmic insights with first-party consumption data to strengthen their analytics offerings.

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Music Tomorrow is a strategic streaming analytics platform offering artist-specific insights and tailored solutions for music industry professionals seeking to maximize the digital presence of their roster.

Unleashing your artist's full potential seamlessly

Explore Artist Algorithmic Profiles

Comprehensive Artist Overview

Gain an extensive understanding of any artist's position within Spotify's complex algorithm with our Profile Overview feature. Unveil the specific audience clusters where the artist is most likely to be recommended, empowering targeted strategic decisions.

Conduct Artist Profile Health Checks

Actionable Profile Optimization

Ensure your artist's Spotify profile is fully optimized with our Profile Health Check. Receive straightforward, actionable recommendations to boost your catalog and upcoming releases' performance in the Spotify algorithm.

Build Targeted Audiences with Precision

Enhanced Ad Targeting Efficiency

Create precise, high-value audience segments using our Audience Builder feature. Define and export your digital marketing strategies’ target audiences, incorporating relevant artists, genres, key locations, and demographic details.

Optimize Your Playlisting Strategy

Tailored Playlist Recommendations

Revolutionize how you approach playlisting with our Playlist Recommendation feature. Discover the most relevant editorial and third-party playlists for each of your artist's algorithmic audiences, underpinning a more effective artist discovery strategy.

Discover how business grow with Music Tomorrow

Uncover how musicians and industry professionals are leveraging Music Tomorrow’s analytics platform to amplify their digital presence and drive success.

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Working with music = Working with data

In 2023, data management and analysis are integrated into most workflows in the music business, turning music data proficiency into an integral component of the music business skill set.


of all music professionals are engaging with data analytics every day


of music business plan to increase their data management & analytics budgets in 2024.

The new frontier of investment

Most music companies participating in our yearly survey for 2023 — regardless of their size or vertical — were planning to invest more into music data analytics in 2024.

Who we are

Julie Knibbe Photo

Music Tomorrow was founded in 2020 by longtime music industry executive Julie Knibbe. Before launching Music Tomorrow, Julie worked at the bleeding edge of music data more than 8 years — pioneering music recommendation and discovery at Deezer, and leading the product team at Soundcharts.

Today, Music Tomorrow is a dedicated team of music data scientists, analysts and product managers, working hands-on with some of the industry’s most innovative data products, sharing their learnings and knowledge with the music community to help build a more fair and transparent digital music business.

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Learn how to influence Spotify algorithms: from the technical foundations, down to playlisting, PR and marketing strategies.


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Music Recommender Systems Explained


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Data-driven Project Pitching for Indie Artists


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