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Jaycee is a very prolific DIY Australian musician. He recently finished his world record-breaking project #OneSongOneDream where from July 1st 2019 to January 1st 2020 he released a new song and music video every week for six months straight. Such commitment and growth got him under the TuneCore radar, which now actively supports his career. His work and authenticity paid off as he became a rising TikTok star (now close to 750K followers). He quickly reached more than 1M views on his latest hit "Who Are You": "I need a beat where people can dance to it {...} And now I need your help to make it viral"

In this piece, we’ll dig more deeply into factors that contributed to his success story.


The below graph from Soundcharts shows consistent growth across networks over the past year, demonstrating how his brand is getting established as his reputation grows:

His content is authentic, Jaycee makes his story very accessible. You can check out his “Lie to You” storytelling video. His community is growing as fast as he delivers content. He released 26 tracks, along with a video clip for each one of them in less than a year. He makes a case for a “test and learn approach”: rather than spending months refining the same track, he just releases the state of his work for a given week and see what resonates best with his audience, increasing his odds of success.


Focusing on Spotify, his fan base is growing consistently, with a few bumps following his songs being featured in editorial playlists (Local Hype and New Music Friday AU & NZ).

On TikTok, he shares his daily inspirations, successes, failures, pranks, challenges with his community with a lot of humour, and he is now reaching 760K followers. He recently shared how he had the idea of his latest single “Dehydrated” in the bathroom, and now pranks his friends by throwing water at them, challenging his community to do the same using his challenge hashtag #dehydratedprank.

Influencer support

Check out Jaycee’ Tiktok charts position in Australia:

Noticing his work, just as perceived momentum has its own multiplier effects, TikTok showcased him as one of their Australian success story. He becampe part of a recent Tiktok campaign called “It starts on TikTok”.

His TikTok success got him noticed and he now has several songs plugged on Nova radio (Australia). 

Those 3 factors, consistency, authenticity and promotional support put Jaycee on the spotlight. This first wave of community and then platform support is sparking even more interest, creating a virtuous circle for him. No doubt he’ll manage to catch even more attention later on during his career.